A higher-Level Networking group for people that run the company

Trade business tips and tricks with other local business owners and decision-makers.

Networking With the Right People

The purpose of this group is for business owners, C-Level executives,  and decision-makers to learn and share information on how to grow your business, by leveraging the latest technologies and strategies from technical, marketing, and sales perspectives. We share information at a higher level that we can all benefit from for our business. 

We want to create a fun atmosphere, and encourage members to work together and grow together. 

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Not Just Another Group

I've been in business for over 30 years, and I've been to all the local groups...and as a business-owner and decision maker, I'm just not getting what I want and need from them. The last thing I want to do when I leave the office is to be accosted by salespeople who want to trade business cards or sell me something. Yes, sometimes we do need other people's products or services, but I didn't want selling each other to be the focus of the group.


Great Topics, Great Events

We have a wonderful business networking group on LinkedIn, and we supplement the group by having an executive networking event each month. Each event will highlight one or more of our members, allowing a presentation for your business, special guest speakers, and more.

This is your opportunity to socialize with your peers - CEOs, Owners, and Decision-makers to make new friends and business relationships, and learn how to leverage technology to improve your business, whether it involves marketing, automation, or business intelligence, so you can make the right decisions and provide clear directives for your business.

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Who Are Our Members?

People just like you and I: Founders, Owners, C-Level executives, and Entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to build and run a business. People who are willing to share what they've learned to make their own businesses better, and who want to cultivate real relationships to work together to grow each other's businesses.


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Founder Information

This group is sponsored by Palm Beach Software Design, Inc.  

Welcome! I am looking forward to meeting you and learning about your business!

--Mark Turkel, CEO and Senior Software Architect, Palm Beach Software Design, Inc.

If you are interested in sponsoring this group, or a live meeting, please contact Mark at 561-572-0233.

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